Two days winter survival course Febrary 2011

At first it seemed blurry and annoying to the day, which otherwise has no effect on survival, but the positivity of the participants at 1200m above sea level take away the fog and clouds and bring up the sun. A good start, better ending!

Five of us were, plus white black dog Gera. We packed up all the equipment needed and put it on sledges, set snowshoes and ski touring, and went to … SURVIVE THE WINTER! This was followed by orientation by Pokljuka forests and the realization that equipment on sledges is not so light. It became a nicer day on the mountain and we stopped for rest and lunch. Sufficient dose of sunshine and vitamin E have given us new strength to continue to camp area. We found a place that is sufficient for all five of us and began the consolidation of fresh snow to set up tents. We all participated since the first rule of survival in winter maintain body temperature. We set up tents by consolidating the improvised manner, arranged for sleeping equipment, dug the hole in front of the tent entrance and built a bulwark against the wind with snow. Good sleep gives you power and it is definitely necessary to pay enough attention.

Subsequently, a search filled beneath an avalanche of snow using avalanche beacons, probes and shovels. We trained with different avalanche beacons, by the two methods, both individually and in pairs.

After a day’s work goes well, the dinner and also for the second day in the morning should be made already this evening. We cooked tea for over night and another day and prepared a dinner of dried energy food. Before going to bed we had a night hike for the whole body is warmed, the heart pump blood trough the veins and we were ready for the winter sleep. Girls were arranged in improvised water bottle for cold feet and sleep came from himself.

We spent the night …!

Morning? Already? Rapid wear and dressed in the morning we went to hike to heating the body, cleaning tents, editing equipment, cooked the breakfast and … we went to the adrenaline part of survival. Unfortunately, two of us need to go home becouse of domestic obligations, the other three, we pushed forward.

GORGE! Uh, it was pleasurable and the path is fabulously drove to the valley and towards the new challenge for a good finish. Descent from the bridge to the river Sava Bohinjka.

Karantania team