Winter survival training

It’s so that “exercise makes master “and “master makes exercise” so even during the coldest days and nights Karantania not resting, but practicing!
Beautiful but cold weekend ahead of us … but the experience, good humor and excellent equipment such as their counter. They predicted -20 degrees Celsius, but we will see it.
Careful planning is behind us and it is time for work, there is the rule in the cold winter days “Keep Moving, keep Moving”.
Equipment put on stretchers, which can also serve as sleds, committing prusik around harness and … aaaa 50kg has shifted and has started a winter adventure in the mountains.
Initially we start on plowed way, but when the body get warmer is the path continued across the snow.
The path led us past the beautiful mountain Kranjska valley to the mountains of Javornik and there starts a mountain views.
We caught the last afternoon sun, drank a great mountain tea, and then “build a tent” in the winter. It is not easy and you have to adhere to certain rules such as the suppression of snow, work with gloves, and securing special tent pegs that grow in nature, “flogging” of equipment in the tent, melting snow, cooking food and full on some small little things which keeps you alive.
After an excellent dinner was followed by a night hike for heating and night photography. Uffff temperature is going down, but the experience and equipment to defend them.
Bedtime needs to be done improvised water bottle for your feet, put some small things next to your body for morning plus chocolate for dessert and sleep.
The night was cold place, but not on our body, only to inside the tent they had accumulated the ICE!!
Morning!! The biggest problem is to get up, but the sooner you’re out the better is. Heating hike, breakfast, cleaning a camp and sun shines again.
We have eliminated the rise of adrenaline – a descent into the canyon, but even worse was the way out of it.
Finish was excellent and the master will continue doing the exercise.

Karantania team