RED BULL teambuilding

Gorenjska Pokljuka plateau … idyllic mountain meadow Kranjska valley… and slight raindrops on the grass, the wet forecast, the second day. All set till last, only to… here they come! Full of adrenaline, expectations and Diet Coke in glasses when they got out of the van – Red Bull Team! We intersect with blueberry drink and immediately get to work. Baggage in the upper chambers and immediately in a pleasant heated dining room on homemade breads with garlic and sesame seeds and ham rolls. Acclimatization was carried out in the moment and on the table was followed homemade jota, and  homemade apple pie with mountain tea with lemon for dessert. The evening passed in a relaxed atmosphere and also sleepy visited us before midnight.
Yesterday afternoon and evening was a fun part of team building, but today will be even more fun. Breakfast is strong as OX and then get out even if it rains. Nobody beats us. The last two in the group were immediately reported in order to try wearing a handy rope, gave the other tasks and working zeal began. In the meadow we saw a few edible plants, and then quickly retreated under the roof of the forest on a tour of the animal world and first aid. Instructions have been issued and the guys are like real masters undress and prepare a rabbit for the fire. Continued the first aid improvised stretchers and enthusiasm was so severe as to cede to the bars before it could serve its purpose. This was followed by lunch, after lunch, we tried cardio – vascular system participants. Next is the ADVENTURE.
Crossing over 20m deep ravine, the descent into the dark and 30m deep gorge, and outcomes after rope fence.
The guys passed with flying colors! The group has worked very homogeneous among themselves than against the boss. They have encouraged, helped and all the fun was in a healthy way.
Karantania team