Three day survival adventure course in August 2010

Weather as instructed,tingling in the body, start … 6:15! There is no jokes when you work with Karantania!
Get knowing with mountaineering equipment, some basic knots and go to “climb.” Climbing different directions and finally we won the top – 40m wall. Well they did it, but now put, the equipment in a backpack. SURVIVAL? Of course. Minimize the equipment, remove the food and make simple “backpack” to wear. At the lookout point start with the basic orientation and “jihaaa, you guys continue to lead.” On the way we’re learning about edible plants, wild fruits and hydration with water from the Alpine springs.
Arrival at Camp 1 and the normal functions. Netiva and fuel accumulation, digging holes for the fireplace and at the end of the ignition flame with flint and amadou. Success – 100%. Production ropes and convenient tool for working with hot things, and making beds for bivouac. Dinner was baked their own – umbrella on the stone, bread and nettle soup.
Getting up not very early – at least the student, eat yesterday night prepared breakfast, preparing to transport fish and go. Today, instructors lead orientation, but in the meantime continuing to identify already known and discovering new plants. Ufff, always uphill journey!
Camp 2! Last, but before that warning seriously, this is an area of snakes – vipers. They did not believe until they meet them, since then, everything was different – more cautious. It follows a fire brand with a magnifying glass, and charcoal cloth, making fish nets for drying, preparation of harvested mushrooms and rabbit. Well, breakfast was also need to prepared.
Today, it was getting more early, followed by a modest breakfast and orientation hike – up again
On returning to the dose of adrenaline! Crossing the deep gorge of the cramped and dark, a journey into and transition out of it. And that was to be repeated 2x!. For reduced, but the hungry stomach has made dried fish, yum, yum.
Now what? Ooooo, now the icing on the cake! Descent from 30m high bridge in the Sava Bohinjka river. Both these two are ready to eat fresh lump in their throat and followed the instructions from instructor. It is smooth, all is done perfectly!

Karantania team

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