One day survival – adventure course

After two weeks of unbearable heat, it was just a day rate tore cloud! Wrote on 24 July 2010 and this Saturday the weather was really terrible. Dark gray clouds and curtains of rain in the distance and 10 degrees Celsius when we approached the camp area.
Upon arrival at the mountain meadow  the rain miraculously stopped. We downloaded the necessary equipment, and it seems ridiculous, but, despite the recent completion of the rain, we went immediately with the triangular tracks on the grass and low trees to catch raindrops and track them by wrapping fish in containers, because water is the source of life. Rok is said that this water is almost better than their “Štepanjšica”
Great, we’ve got water, and we ‘d be bad if we could gained a few wild edible plants and prepared delicious real mountain tea. Among the plants we find wild fruit such as strawberries and blueberries. Students have already licked and smelling their precious package plants.
On the way back to camp, we gathered fuel from pine twigs and resin. In the camp we showed how tuna cans can be used for the candle, which is later used for fire ignition, especially in wet weather. But despite the wet weather, Beno showed how to capture the spark from tree fungus and then obtain a fire. Each of the students has also tried getting spark.
Fire is managed and beautiful emotions are clad, so we’ve prepared our own bread, bake it, cook a tea and ate tuna from extinguished candles. How was the bread? Great, so Marie was confirmed as Jure.
We’re not chasing time, but we went towards adrenaline. We wore climbing belts, helmets and tried initially to facilitate lowering the rope, and then as the 25 foot overhanging wall. Their eyes were large and heart was satisfied. Oh, if they would only know what awaits them at the end as a surprise J
After large dose of adrenaline, was followed by preparation of animal food. Tadej killed a rabbit and his assistant was Rok. They shown how to quickly get out of the skin and prepare for baking.
By “profession” at least for the time course and gourmets cook Jure and Rok remained in the camp, and cooked, rabbit and potatoes. Others  went to hike to the viewing orientation point. At the top we watched the vista and write in the book.
On the way to camp, we almost smell good roast rabbit and potatoes. Both are in the delighted appetizing. Activities in the camp were nearing  end and we did move into the valley, but it was not over yet. What followed was a surprise – BRIDGE!
To conclude the day was followed by a descent on a rope from 30m high bridge. The task was not easy, but all they have passed with flying colors. Congratulations to all.

Karantania team

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