Camp Renče – Vinišče 2010

Only one call was required by the Milivoj Perkona – Civilian protection Renče – Vogrsko and cooperation with Karantanio – Adventure, it was concluded.

Although “The Godfather” Milivoj camp says that the camp was the “pilot” project, I think he has succeeded more than excellent.

The first day of camp, Friday 04th June 2010 we Karantanie-Adventure instructors do everything that we have your workspace and neighborhood change in point of work. We tested several types of bivouacs, accumulated fuel and ignition netivo to see fire without matches, and all the necessary ingredients for making natural water filter.

After careful preparation, we planned a tour of the living quarters of the participants and took part in the camp flag downhill. In Renče jokes but NO!

The evening was spent in the pleasant company of “gosfather” Milivoj camp and camp fire.

On Saturday the following day “golden hour clock wound” and check points again, anxiously waiting for breakfast and camp participants.

We showed them, and of course they are also a practical test of how tomake fire on primitive way with a bow, charcoal cloth, wood, sponge and a magnifying glass, followed by a filtration point of water through the filter material is manufactured Found in nature, and finally a bivouac in the production of natural means no cords, wires, nails and sheets.

It was a pleasant environment both in the cover of the Renče, as a society of children and the organizers of the camp Renče – Vinišće 2010th

Karantania team

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