Weekend survival adventure 250€/person

This course is intended for all who would like to learn basic and advance survival skills and would like to spend a little more time in the nature. Our instructors will teach you survival and other practical skills which are all very important for building your personal characteristic such as self confidence, strong will, personal freedom and self autonomy. You will make your own primitive bed and shelter and try it! In addition you will learn some mountaineering skills and overcome your fear through abseiling and rock climbing. You will learn how to build a zip line over natural obstacle (gorge, valley) and have fun riding it. We offer you all this and much more and we guarantee you will have a fun time. This will be your true experience of a lifetime!


  • introduction and psychology of survival
  • introduction of basic survival kit and basic survival skills
  • water (how to find water and purification)
  • food (poisonous and edible plants, animals, bread baking)
  • fire (make fire on a primitive way)
  • shelter (location, building primitive rainproof bivouac)
  • orientation (basic skills with map and compass)
  • first aid (basics, improvised strechers, plants for medicine)
  • improvisation (knots, improvised climbing belt, rope descend/ascent)
  • traps and snares
  • rock climbing, abseiling (rappeling) and rope ascending
  • zip line
  • river crossing

PRICE INCLUDES: insurance, all needed technical gear, food & liquid, professional leading, photos on CD…