Two day basic survival adventure course Septembre 2012

Great weather, almost kitschy, most suitable for swimming and sipping cold drinks in the shade. But we’re going to learn something new and usable skills to rise our confidence.

Step by step from orientation, picking plants, water search to preparation and making of fire, and of course, cooking in the wild. All this you have to know on the end of the day. But don’t forgot to make the bivouac or at least shelter. Let’s make it and go to bed pleasantly tired. And the next day knowledge that we have acquired the previous day will came out from the head   “This is it, born to survive in the wild.” Well not exactly, but we are learning.

Let’s add some adrenaline skills to feel fear and see that we are in stressful situations able to think clearly.

“You need to trust yourself, if you do not trust means that you are missing something. Find what you are missing as soon as possible and help you overcome obstacles in life. ”

Karantania Team