Two days survival adventure course 14. and 15. nov. 2009

Even if it was friday the 13th,  we didn’t lost our hope when we collected the last application and gathered our gear for next two days adventure survival course.

Saturday, november 14. 2009…meeting point in front of hotel Lovec in Bled at 8:30 a.m. – participants were accurate like swiss watch! Someone says: »we want a cup of coffee….«, and the Colonel responded: » there’s no time for coffee, we got a lot of work to do!«.

We packed our gear in vehicles and departed right away. After half an hour we arrived to our place on the edge of Triglav national park. First we hiked to our camping area and walked around the place to see where we are. Then we prepared firepit, collected firewood and tree rasin and started a fire. After that we went to find some water, we made water filter with natural materials, we picked up a lots of different herbs for tea,…. Later on we demonstrated how to make a waterproof bivuac using only natural materials find in the woods and then they had to built their own biuvacs in pairs – and they did it like experts! Because we forgot forks and spoons at home ;) we had to carve it from hazelnut wood so we could ate our lunch!

Again someone said: »Is there any coffee…?« and the Colonel answered: » If you need a mental focus and wake up we will try another technique!« So the participants tried to bulit a fire on a primitive way – with a bowdrill, which requires A LOT of hard work!

After a while we walked to a small gorge and together we built a zip – line with self tensoning system. But first we showed and tried how to desced a steep slope using only climbing rope. Then we abseil over 20 metres overhang rock wall with climbing equipment. It was getting dark, so for round two we needed to use our headlamps. After having some fun, we had to prepare our food for dinner. The food were two rabbits – alive! So the Colonel showed how to prepare one rabbit for food. The second rabbit was prepared by the brave participants. But that was just the preparation and dinner was a fes hours later. First we decided we need another shot of adrenalin – night riding with a zip line!

Then followed night hiking to nearby sightseeing peak on the edge of Pokljuka platou – the 1265 metres high Galetovec. One instructor sacrified himself to stay at the camp to bake the rabbits. On the top it was fascinating view over Bled’s area and the surroundings and even it was a cold breeze we kept warm with a great homemade honey liquer and good mood. After returning back to the camp the rabbits were smelling great but first we had to bake our own bread and potatoes on ember and then we ate a well earned dinner!

It was around 1 a.m. when we went to our »improvised beds« and after a few minutes I heard two different sounds – snoring and deer barking ;) It was a great day! In the morning we gathered our gear, start a fire and ate our breakfast, made an improvised strechers and we took ourselves to the valley….

Karantania Team

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