Four day basic survival adventure course with MDJ

For the second consecutive year, a Production School from Ljubljana are at the camp “aj vil srvajv” with Karantania Adventure. The rules are simple, inspection equipment and adrenaline in the veins, and strictly comply with the guidance of instructors. Oh, of course, I should mention that the instructors are “highly motivated with stake eated “which is not difficult to work 26 hours a day. Students are taught a wide variety of skills such as climbing wall, overcoming fear, trust myself and my colleague, use a compass and read maps, gathering edible plants, the management team and group work. Well, at least some of them. Saying “soon soon is soon for all” did not want to their head. They built a fireplace, built hut and knead bread. How the fire burned showed an instructor, but tomorrow it will be on their own. They bake bread, boiled eggs and tea from harvested plants.
Not following the instructors, strict violation of the rules and disrespect other group led to the premature dismissal of one participant.
Followed by a night, but since the night had its power, the morning after exercise took four students in the valley, which did not match the skills of survival. Only the strongest survive! The day started great. For the traveler we have a water cooling of the sky and cool atmosphere. The plan has remained the same. Orientation group, gathering plants and depletion of morality, because in camp 2, snow began to fall? Yes it’s true, SNOW! They were all cold wet and miserable. Action was swift and effective. For a short time in the hut on the hay and sleeping bag, and then prepare a rabbit, smoking fish, kneading bread, and most importantly – we ate it all.
Morning is served with a crispy crust of snow. A little breakfast and went happy to work. Part of the gorge adventure and teamwork – rescue a colleague from the 30m deep gorge it is a good warmer. Take responsibility and lead the group while they were employed gray cells. They were looking for food and utilities for burning fire. They built a bivouac made of natural materials and jump in to sleeping bag.
Morning started wet and warm. Patrol run for the wake up. We ate breakfast, cared for blisters and went on. Rain has poured out what he could. Motivation on the top, so we continued with the first aid skills and improvised stretchers, which we tested whether they work. Safe descent to the bridge, but for safety reasons, we moved that maneuver to the final analysis.
See you on the advanced course!

Karantania team