Two days survival adventure course

It was still hard winter when I was phoned from a freelance journalist Alaisdar Baverstock, an Englishman by nationality but traveling around the world. The stories he writes for various magazines like The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, The Independent, NineMSN Travel, Spanish Australia Magazine, The London Evening Standard, Roof Magazine, SOLDIER Magazine, InMadrid Magazine, which allows him the freedom of thought and movement. That is precisely what gave rise to occur at rates of survival and adventure with Karantania Adventure.
But he was not alone, next to Matthew, he had company two nice girls. In any case, he breathing easier.
A quick check of the equipment and “jump” on 1000m above sea level. As you’ll done your bed, so you’ll sleep and the bivouac was built. It was still March and had to be warmed by the fire, but what you are saying is not always true “where the smoke is, there is a fire,” but on the end succeeded. Fire heats, and we went for shovel and cords out of the woods that we need to built a network for fish. Later we knead bread and boiled eggs on the embers. Stomach is full and the day was also no longer the same as we started. Good night for the first time.
Awakening before the rooster, tasty pine tea, bread from yesterday and adrenaline through the veins. Transition, lowering and raising the rope 30m deep gorge. Absolutely – the girls are capable tooJ Improvised stretchers and their test and then an evening ascent to night view.
In the camp the stomach was hungry and fish went to the delight.
On the third day early, early in the morning followed night orienteering trip to 30m high bridge and night descent.
Best of all, the eyes hidden, so NO photos!

Karantania team