Three day winter extreme survival course MARCH 2012

End of winter, if winter ever been, we were three – hunger for adventure escape in the mountains. Janez equipment is packed, we explained him the basics of his orientation and oload his back with a heavy backpack. It is so in the winter, not jokes, if you want to survive 

We walked up the hill with the Himalayan steps to learn walking with skis and teach how to recognized the side of a sky (north, east, south and west) and sundial. This was followed by lunch and a search with avalanche beeper.

Behind the mountain edge was a beautiful view of the place near bivouac. Janez dig a tunnel, with Leon we revived the old cave – a snow hole. It is necessary to eat and after the food is nice to make a night walk with stars. Sleep was great for some.

Morning hike heating by the sun on your face, breakfast and exercise walking with crampons and stopping with ice axe. Becouse of the effort we were all sweaty.

What we need is to move from the snow plains to the valley. For a good start, Janez nicking yourself in hand on the sharp edges of the skis. Quick operation and VALLEY, and gone with a heavy backpack.

On leafs and legs without the skis were better. Stoking the fire in the primitive way, bivouac making and bread baking, power was restored. For romance followed the traditional orienteering night walk to Galetovec.

Excellent bacon for breakfast, then adrenaline through the gorge, and vertical  maneuver on the rope from the gorge. It is not easy with us 

A relaxed walk to civilization and a half hours of persuasion to descend 30m from the bridge to the water. In the end we managed and pleasure shone with Janez face.

Karantania team