Three day basic survial adventure course August 2011

Previously, before the first of all …

… has become a proverb of team looking for survival and adventure. Monday in the morning, students experience the shock of equipment and some philosophical words of survival. For wake up they must climbed the wall, learning knots and folded rope. Between learning orientation is welcomed us rain and flooding the land, which is to give us delicious bulbs and plants. Was also necessary  brandishing a knife and the path was continued.

In the camp they have set up a shelter, resuply with spring water and learn the sacred fire on primitive way. They had all that they can become their own chefs. After whole day of work in the early morning hours they went to rest.

The second day started with gymnastics, breakfast and orientation. As good work were rewarded with sun, fire, water and adrenalin. Bunny was a small snack, and even more delighted by a night march to Galetovec with a beautiful view of Bled with its surroundings. We looked at the starry sky and the fire discuss what to expect on the last day.

Wake-up half an hour before the convention, gym, breakfast and making improvised stretchers. Disabled student on improvised stretcherwas taken almost to the valley where they could afford dried smoked fish. At 30m high bridge they put eyes out. Adrenaline was running in streams, but no one was left above.

Finally, the most important. Food, toiletry bags and cell phones were out of the blue bags surprise return of their hands.

Karantania team