Three day basic survival adventure course with MDJ June 2011

Only hard work bears fruit, and so there has been cooperation between Karantani – Adventure and Mladinski dom Jarše in Ljubljana.

Youths of different ages, after hearing the picturesque camp “aj vil srvajv” in the middle of June 2011 went into known unknowns.

First, following the inspection of equipment, then on the wall where some had a first positive shock of height and climbing equipment.

Because of further guidance they had to deal with orienteering. Time is counted the minutes and seconds, and stomach started to play, so we started to collect edible plants from flowers, leaves, stems and roots. With great enthusiasm while working there is a need for fluid which was completed in a forest stream. This was followed by a shift in combination with the harvesting of plants and fruits of nature. In between were also tested as artisans and we made a wooden spoon.

In the camp, we continued with a burning fire, setting huts, drying fish, harvesting spruce roots for making ropes and baking bread. During the baking and food preparation, we performed an evening plenary session, where each said their opinion of the day spent. For the midnight operation, we cooked eggs on the embers set the team to maintain fire overnight and went to sleep.

For a good awakening of us waited for morning exercise, a tasty breakfast and create a network for the transfer of dried fish. This day orientation led the girls. As we move into a steep hill is not spared. Yet we are constantly gathering edible plants, learn lacing shoes and supplied with water from streams.

In the camp 2 we were visited by Tina, a journalist from newspaper DELO and also tried some of the skills themselves. It was necessary to light a fire, proceed with drying fish and produce a bivouac in handy resources. After all this is hardly an expected part of the adventure. Crossing the ravine, the descent into the canyon where snow expecting us and exit from the gorge.

After a long day, we have prepared a delicious dinner. First, prepare a rabbit, then baking potatoes in the embers.

The last day was again followed by exercises for awakening, transporting fish and breakfast. Full of power and interest, we created two handy stretcher and taken away an injured guy to the valley.

VALLEY! At the end of the … Oh, no, no. A few more to come. Descent from the 30m high bridge. On the faces of players, this was not an easy task.

Participants took a basic survival course, now still awaiting ADVANCE.

Karantania team