Camp Renče – Vinišče june 2011

Weather forecast for the weekend 3 – 4 June was not beautiful, but good will and enthusiasm of the organizers work camp Renče – Vinišće 2011, and Karantania – Adventure has brought sun.

But just right when it comes to survival skills, however, shower “wash” us. And just in the planks have proven that students are willing to work no matter what!

Could say that becames traditional cooperation between civil protection Renče – Vogrsko and Karantania – Adventure, so we are back again, “the venue”.

For primary school children we prepared this year a varied program of survival skills such as making fire on primitive way through the tinder, and sun lenses, wood mushrooms, charcoal cloth, bow drill, animal traps, drying and smoking fish, construction of a tent bivouac from the sheet, making improvised harness and rope crossing, and making convenient carry rope.

On Friday 3rd June was followed by preparation of instructors Karantania – Adventure and small talk at the evening campfire. Saturday 4th of June was started!

Students were divided in three groups and ready to practically tested the survival skills and taking a drop of sweat and shed rain and enjoy.

During the “survival” was also found time to interview for Radio Koper.

In this camp we participate with joy and hope to see you next year..

Karantania team