Presentation of the society and skills in primary school Pirnice May 2011

It was beautiful Monday 23rd May 2011. Location: Elementary School Pirnice. Instructors of Karantania – Adventure  with task of presentation of survival skills.

First, the theoretical presentation of company and survival skills in the classroom, in which participated through interview students from 6 – 9 class.

However, since the work of the Association is based on practical work, we show two basic survival skills in the school garden

The first was followed by a burning fire in a primitive way through tinder, wood mushrooms and carbon cloth. For dessert there was bow drill.

An interesting fact was also presented a primitive spear thrower – atlatl and the bow with arrows cooked and curved in nature.

Followed a simple tent bivouac making from sheet and the use of sheet as poncho.

Students have joined with the implementation skills with a great sense of initiative as shown in the finished products.

Karantania team