Two days winter survival course April 2011

Snowdrops and primroses … Who? With all this warm weather is hard to imagine that the winter is still in the country. But trust me, in the Julian Alps is still an abundance of warm weather and this will only treat the departing winter, and we in short sleeves at an altitude of just under 2000m and the snow.

It is true that we are up to 1500m able to take off a few times touring skis, but at once began a veritable winter, not because of cold, but by the thickness of the snow layer, so we also need all avalanche equipment. After an hour and a half of hard work we relax and enjoy a modest lunch, the topic of turning process with skis on steep slopes, and continue moving toward the spot of winter bivouac.

At the bivouac site was required to verify the thickness of snow with avalanche probe, explain where all the manufacturing site looking for snow hole … and then the avalanche shovels bite into the snow. We dug and dug, fines and narrated, and finally made snow room for four people. Pushed all equipment through the entrance  prepared sleeaping bags, lighting a candle for romance and verification of carbon dioxide, ate and went on a short night hike to warm the body again for warmer sleep.

Sleep in a snow cave, where they are surrounded by only the snow was wonderful. As we considered the little secrets of the great masters for warm sleeping we slept excellent.

Pure clarity of the morning and breakfast on the snowy slopes shined by sun and the view of the mountain Triglav. Part of the team set off in a smaller touring, partly due to the valley, where the instructor of Karantania took backpack from ladies and suffering for both.

As a Swiss watch we all get in the vehicle at once. Unloaded the equipment and prepare an annual mountaineering equipment. Winter adventure is over, we will finished with summer.

We had a magical pleasurable descent into the depths of the gorge where we were pleasantly cooled with snow at the bottom.

Magic …

Karantania team